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Just a twenty something year old girl from Minnesota with a crazy out of control love for a pair of racing brothers who have no idea I exist.I love sports.All MN teams even though they break my heart.North Dakota State Bison.I like many others teams but those ones always come first.I love the Manning brothers too.NASCAR.Austin and Ty Dillon.Brad Keselowski.Dale Earnhardt Junior and Ryan Blaney are my absolute favorites but I like a lot of other guys too.The dirt track is my second home in the summer and I love it much.I also enjoy bowling,toddlers &babies.Weekends.Sleeping and baking.Taking pictures among other things

    Also if Vikings actually beat the Saints,party at my apartment,y’all are invited 

    — 9 hours ago
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    The Dillon brothers mean more to me then words can say 

    — 9 hours ago
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    Wearing my Ty shirt to bed because iam still so proud of him

    — 18 hours ago

    Also good luck to my other top guys,Brad,Jr and Joey!

    — 18 hours ago

    I work during the race early good luck to my boy Austin,go get em fav rookie!

    — 18 hours ago with 1 note